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Shirley and Vicky.
Shirley and Vicky

The intention of this site is to gather, receive and publish information about the genealogies of my family. I am engaged in a world-wide rescue of my family heritage.

Our family doesn't come from royalty or nobility and neither do we have illustrious surnames. For this reason, research has been enormously difficult and painstaking to trace any further back than three generations. The two World Wars, the Holocaust and the loss of crucial documents have also conspired against this enterprise.

Both of my parents migrated from Europe in the 1930's, after which siblings and family lost contact with each other.

The maintenance of this site and its authorship is under my responsibility, Vicky Gorfain.

We are building eight major genealogical trees of the following surnames:

During my childhood, I was lucky to know my four grandparents. The task of tracing our genealogy, pays homage to their memory and is a tribute to their courageous overcoming of the obstacles, at times terrifying and horrendous, that history placed in their way.

I am endeavoring for people that share the surnames mentioned above to have access to the information that I have obtained, and to contact me with any information that the may wish to contribute with.

If you believe or know that we are family to each other,even if distant, I will gladly provide you with a complete version of the tree.More family photos are available. To see it, you will need to download a free version of GenoPro or purchase GenoPro Gold (available from http://www.genopro.com).

For privacy reasons, the first names of persons who still are alive, as well as their dates of birth and marriage are being omitted.

Because I am not expert with computers, I have been learning as the project has been unfolding, gradually introducing improvements. Like a beach is made of millions of grains of sand, so have I gradually pieced together the odd bits of information, records, documents and photographs generously contributed by the increasing amount of family members joining the project and branching out our contacts all over the world.

I accept that some family members have a feeble interest in this project. Even so, leaving blank spaces, I continue to build on what I have and with those who help me. I do this for the future generations and this includes the descendants of those uninterested in the task.

The words "family history" implies not only a family tree (the minimum kind of history), but also more details: stories, memoirs, reminiscences, photographs and copies of important papers

Can you locate yourself and your closest family members on the charts?

If you're not there or there's some missing information (such as birth dates or correct name spellings) please let me know so I can update the charts.

Also family stories are welcome.

Tree photos can be placed : find out how to send me your best (and oldest!) pictures, profiles of members of your families and your greatest family legends and stories.


Many people are supporting me with this labour. The greatest reward has been the reunification of a family torn by violent historical circumstances that they did not choose. Long lost relatives have been recovered. We are now permanently exchanging e-mails and news, and hopefully soon will be able to meet in person.

I acknowledge the permanent help of my sister, Shirley. She also helps me with my English, as my first language is Spanish.

I thank George, the first Shuster to answer my e-mail.

I also thank Marvin, his brother, for his tremendous effort and enthusiasm, immediately setting himself to the task of recovering records, photographs and contacts with other family members.

I also thank Marvin, Lorna, Ernest, and their families, for hospitably receiving my nephew, Chris, who briefly passed through their town for a conference, and treated him not just like a family member but as if they had lived in proximity all their lives.

Clary, a friend of a good friend of mine, helped us by contacting one of my cousins who hadn't been heard of since 1966 in Russia, and we have now found out is safely living in Israel.

On my mother's side of the family, we recently received the visit of a dear cousin that we did not know about before, and her husband. They come from Hungary and brought us a lot of photographs and records of the Noll family. Now, back in Hungary, they continue to rescue information and links.

I especially want to thank Charlie, one of my nephew's best friends, who obtained the domain gorfain.com and gave it to us as a gift. He is also helping us with the construction of the site and its publication on the internet.

I also thank in advance anyone who read this site and feels compelled to join the project and to offer some information or even a simple greeting. Feel free to send me an e-mail at:

Many thanks to all,

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