13. Pados-Kámán

The Pados were from Beö, Sopron, near the Austrian Frontier.

Sopron is situated near the western borders of Hungary, at the foot of the Alps, 60 km from Vienna and 220 km from Budapest.

Beö is a small village and it must be very, very little as I could not even find it in a map


Sopron map.jpg Sopron map, click to enlarge.


Mihály (17th of September 1840 - 17th of March 1927)


Mihály was my great-great grandfather. He was born in BeÖ, Sopron, the 17th of September 1840.

His parents were Imre Pados and Rozalia Szabo. His siblings: Rozália (21st of April 1843) and Terézia (18th of January 1947 - 25th of April 1919).

Found a record of Terézia, being married to János Györváry, from Alsobuk (today part of Bük), where their two children were born: Viktoria (13th of October 1872) and János (2nd of February 1875).


Pados Szabo tree.jpg Pados Szabo genealogical tree, click to enlarge.


He married Borbálya Kamán Nemeth.

Mihály passed away at 87 years old, the 17th of March 1927.


pados mihaly death certificatee.jpg Pados Mihaly death certificate, click to enlarge.


Borbálya (12th of July 1846 - 25th of December 1923)


Borbálya was my great-great grandmother. She was born in Szergény, Sopron, the 12th of July 1846, the 4th child out of seven.

Szergény is a small village in Sopron, having in the 2015 an estimated population of 331 people.

Borbalya passed away at 78 years old, the 25th of December 1923.


kaman borbalya death certificate.jpg Kámán Borbálya death certificate, click to enlarge.


gravesite.jpg Kámán Borbálya death certificate, click to enlarge.


the kaman nemeth siblings.jpg.jpg The Kámán Nemeth siblings.jpg, click to enlarge.



The Pados Kámán siblings


pados kaman tree.jpg.jpg Pados Kámán genealogical tree, click to enlarge.


Out of 13 siblings I was able to find out all the birth certificates but for Emerenzia. Her birth data was verified in her death certificate and also in her second marriage certificate.

The first six were born in Beö and the other seven in Egyházashóllos.



pados kaman siblings.jpg Pados Kámán siblings.jpg, click to enlarge.




pados markus tree.jpg Pados Markus tree.jpg, click to enlarge.


László, born the 29th of June 1868 was the first child of Mihály Pados and Borbálya Kámán.

He married Julianna Markus Kuglics, born the 25th of March, 1871.

They had nine children:



03 c pados laszlo gravesite.jpg pados laszlo gravesite.jpg, click to enlarge.


Gizella and József

gizella and jozsef.jpg gizella and jozsef.jpg, click to enlarge.



markus pados tree.jpg Markus Pados tree.jpg, click to enlarge.


József ascendants


12 markus voros tree.jpg Markus Voros tree.jpg, click to enlarge.


03 f.jpg 03 f.jpg, click to enlarge.


Note: Would you like me to include more data of living persons, please let me know.



Emerenzia, born the 21st of January, 1873 was the second child of Mihály Pados and Borbálya Kámán.


pados emerenzia photo.jpg Pados emerenzia photo, click to enlarge.


This is the only picture I have of my great-grandmother Emerenzia Pados: it used to hang above my grandmother's bed and now Shirley and I treasure it at our home.


unger pados tree.jpg Unger Pados tree.jpg, click to enlarge.


Egyházashollós - Molnaszecsöd - Körmend.jpg Egyházashollós - Molnaszecsöd - Körmend, click to enlarge.


Emerenzia married István Unger, in Egyházashollós, the 1st of June 1890.

They had three daughters:: Julianna, Julianna and my own grandmother Victoria.

Their first child, Julianna, didn't live to see adult age. She was born in Hidashollós, the 19th of January 1891 and passed away the 21st of July 1892.

Their second child, also named Julianna, was born in Hidashollós the 25th of July 1892 and passed away in Körmend, the 26th of November 1966.(See Flór Unger Tree)

The youngest, my grandmother Victoria was born in Körmend, the 13th of April 1895. She passed away in a small village called "25 de Agosto", in Florida county, Uruguay, the 20th of January1967, 6 days after her wish of seeing the marriage of my sister Shirley. She is buried in "Cementerio Central" of Montevideo, Uruguay, along with my grandfather János Noll.

Being a widow,Emerenzia married again on 17/06/1917 in Molnaszecs?d (civil marriage) to János Szájer.

He was born on the 5th of May 1869 in Egyházashollós and was a farmer and smallholder.

János Szájer died on 09/09/1943 in Egyházashollós and the cause of his death was age exhaustion.


emerenzia second marriage.jpg Emerenzia second marriage, click to enlarge.


szajer pados tree.jpg Szajer Pados tree, click to enlarge.


Emerenzia Pados died on 30/11/1956 in Egyházashollós and the cause of her death was cerebral arteriosclerosis. Miklos Flór made the paper work.

Note 1: Ildikó was very kind in sending me the death certificate, but I still have to find out her birth and marriage certificate. And also sent me proof about my g-great mother second marriage that I had not the slightest idea about.


emerenzia death certificate.jpg Emerenzia death certificate, click to enlarge.


Note 2: I remember being in Körmend in 1983, going to the cemetary with Ilonka Neni (my mother's cousin) and my mother, where I think she is buried, but I can not recall about it.

Should anyone go to the cemetery in Körmend, could you please try to find out if she is buried there and also her husband István?


Three Markus married three Pados.

Gyula Markus Kuglics married Marczella Pados Kuglics.

Julianna Markus Kuglics married Laszló Pados Kámán.

József Markus Vörös married Gizella Pados Markus

Collateral genos are included.

markus kuglics tree.jpg Markus Szakal - Kuglics Teglás tree, click to enlarge.


Gyula Markus, the fifth child of Jöszef Markus and Rozalia Kuglics married Marczella Pados and had 7 children. Only 3 survive to adult life..


markus pados tree.jpg Markus Kuglics - Pados Kuglics tree, click to enlarge.


Gyula's sister, Julianna Markus, the ninth child of Jöszef Markus and Rozalia Kuglics married László Pados Kámán, my great grandmother sibling


pados markus tree.jpg Pados Kámán - Markus Kuglics tree, click to enlarge.


Their fourth child, Gizella, married Jószef Markus Vörös, the first child of György Markus Kalamar and Anna Vörös Bokor.


markus voros tree.jpg Markus Vörös tree.jpg, click to enlarge.


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For privacy reasons the first names, date of birth and date of marriage of persons who are still alive are being omitted in the genograms, unless otherwise stated.

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