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According to my aunt Nelly, Baske Meierov/Meierovitch had two brothers (Faivke and Yankel) and a sister (Golda) He married Dinamirelle Rozemblat, daughter of Faivke and Nechamah. Of Nechamah's siblings, she remembers the names of Max, Abram, Leipke and Motke.

Data to be checked as to merge with Gil,s ancestors.

Pale of Settlement. Pale of Settlement.

Undoubtedly, as Jews, all the family had their origin in the Pale. In 1791, the Russian Empress, Catherine the Great, established the Pale of Settlement and decreed that all Jewish inhabitants of her realm

Consisting of a vast swathe of territory, the Pale included much of present-day Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and parts of western Russia. In 1809 the Russian Government ordered all Jews to adopt fixed, inheritable family names so that they might be more easily identified for taxation and conscription. In 1827, Czar Nicholas I decreed that Jews, who had heretofore been exempt from military service were now liable for up to 25 years of army services as common soldiers. As late as the middle of the 19th century, Russian Government officials complained about the frequent change of family names among Russian Jews who lived in different communities under different surnames.

Jews were forced to live in the poor conditions of the Pale, and were discriminated against; they paid double taxes, were forbidden to lease land, run taverns or receive higher education. A liberalization period in the 1860s, which granted Jews some privileges, was reversed under the May Laws of 1882. These laws restricted Jews in the Pale to urban areas, which were often overcrowded and offered limited economic opportunities. In addition thousands of Jews fell victim to devastating pogroms in the 1870s and 1880s. The pogroms, boycotts and other anti-Semitic depredations Jews faced in the Pale led to mass immigration to the United States (two million between 1881 and 1914) as well as a string of other developments.

Now, after so many years, a picture of Nechamah shows in Winnipeg, Canada. Ida Smordin (nee Meyerowitz) gave the picture to her grandson Gil. As he thinks, most probably it was given to her by some of Nekhama near family. That we are related, we are, but where is the link? My source of information was my auntie Nelly. She had a fabulous memory and living with her sister Mireil and their mother Fraide Rebecca, used to think and talk about their elders and see old photos. Late in their lifes, I came acroos, asking, and asking about family. Proofs: their word. They are not with us any more, as to check again with this new info. Data included in the JewishGen - KehilaLinks had a lot of information about Gil´s ancestors and there, it said that Elya Meerovich and Khaya Sora were the parents of Moishe Leib Meyerowitz. (Gil´s great-great-great grandfather). He sent me a clipping of The JewishGen Family Finder that shows that they also were the parents of Nekhama. That makes them siblings, but in nowhere is stated this and also there is a gap of 32 years of age between them.


Nechamah Nechamah.
Nechamah back Nechamah back.
Elya Meerovich - Khaya Sora Elya Meerovich - Khaya Sora, click to enlarge.

Itsko Meyerov had a son named Meyer/Meer, born about 1799. He maried Khaya Sora and had at least three sons:

1.Orel was born in 1823, married Malka and had a son named Nosel. 2.Eliash was born in 1825, married Khaya Sora and had 4 children: Moishe Leib (4th of May 1846-1909); Markel (1849); Rafal (1862) and Meyer Yankel (1863). 3.Abram Leizer was born i 1834 and passed away in 1906.

1st child of Eliash - MOISHE LEIB MEYEROWITZ

Moishe Leib Meerowitz - Khaya Freyda Berk Moishe Leib Meerowitz - Khaya Freyda Berk, click to enlarge.

Moishe Leib married Khaya Freida Berk in Canada, and they had 6 children:

1. Abram Yosl 2. Dovid Meyer 3. Max 4. Shimel 5. Louis 6. Ben


He was born in 1873. Only data I have is my auntie´s memory saying that he was married and had 2 daughters: Guitke and Bramke


He was born in 1877.


My auntie talked to me about him, and she was not sure if he was a cousin or a sibling of Nechamah.

Max Myerowitz came from Minks (actually Belarus). He was a brother or cousin of Nechamah Meirerov(note the different spelling). He migrated to Canada and the descendants changed the surname to Meyers. Most probably he was the one that claimed his niece Sarah (his sister Nechamah's daughter?) as she was the first one of the Shuster's siblings to migrate. Today most of them live in Winnipeg and in some way or another we are related.

Some time ago, I requested Cousin Marvin, to contact any one of the Meyers' cousins who live in Winnipeg like him. He did so, and on the 29th of February 2004, he met with George Meyers (one of Max's sons). He informed Marvin, that his father Max came from Minsk, Russia. Their name was originally Meirovich; however because it had a Slavic connotation, to which the family objected, they eventually adopted Meyerowitz. His brother Sam (age 92 and alive at that time) was apparently more knowledgeable regarding that facts, but unfortunately at that moment he was currently in hospital. George further informed Marvin, that he had somewhere, old photos with names of family members and promised he would try to find them.

I am hoping that on reading this site, some of them will be interested in the genealogical project and will check old trunks for records, documents or old pictures that will help me to find the possible city my great-grandmother Nechamah was born.

I am sure, Cousin Marvin will be willing to scan any old picture or document they may have. Maybe someone of the new generations will be able to take the genealogy torch?

Max married his first cousin Reyza (Rissel, Rishka). She was born in Trashkun in 1883 and migrated to Canada with the help of her brother. Complete information about her ascendants in site "Families of Troskunai (Trashkun)" , as well as beautiful photos.

Max Myerowitz - Reiza Berk Max Myerowitz - Reiza Berk, click to enlarge.


Twin brother of Max, born 18 of August 1879 and passed away in childhood between 1884-1885


Leib Myerowitz - Katie Lazar Leib Myerowitz - Katie Lazar, click to enlarge.


He was born in 1890.

2nd child of Eliash - MARKEL MEYEROWITZ

He was born in 1849

3rd child of Eliash - RAFAL MEYEROWITZ

He was born in 1862

4th child of Eliash - MEYER YANKEL MEYEROWITZ

He was born in 1863. He married Golda and had 3 children: Bentsel Mordhel (1891) Sholom (1893)

Meyer Yankel - Golda Meyer Yankel - Golda, click to enlarge.

There is data in The JewishGen that states that they were "burgeois of Kurkliai",being Meer Yankel the head of household with 51 years and 3 sons:Bentsel; Sholom (24) and Mordhel (22).

More about Nekhama:

Nekhama passed away at 47, the 23rd of august 1925 of Diabetes. This means that she was born in 1878. Her parents were from Ukmerge and she was living in Kaunas at the time of her death.

Being a widow since Joseph Gershon death in 1915, the 27th of July 1920, she applied for a passport. Also her two single children: Meyer 22 and Beile 18, applied. The eldest daugter, Sarah (Sorke) was already in Canada, married since 8th of September 1914. Taube, was already married and with a child. Rebecca also was married in 2014

Prior to World War I in the Russian Empire, individuals were required to have an internal passport in order to travel within the boundaries of Russia.  These internal passports were issued by local municipalities, town dwellers administration, or the police. 

Dated 15-16 of June 1920 made the application: Gorfainas / Gorfain, Leizer, married, head of household, born in 1899 (Vilnius uyezd) Gorfain Rebecca (Gusteraite/Guster) , married, mother, born in 1900 in Kavarskas Gorfainaite/Gorfain Golda, daughter, born in 1920.


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