10. Kretz-Schaffer

According with the data gathering in FamilySearch, Antonius Kretz and Erzébet Szaksz were the parents of 4 sons.

Note: I ignore if there were more siblings.

Kretz Schaffer descendants.jpg Kretz Schäffer descendants, click to enlarge.

Joannes Kretz married Borbála Schaffer, born in Kisnyárád, in 1841.

I found her death certicate in Püspöklak, Baranya where states the date (13th of October 1906) and said she was 65 years old.

They had 7 children:

* György Kretz Schaffer - (25th of May 1869 - 23rd of May 1916)

Kretz Schleicher descendants.jpg Kretz Schleicher descendants, click to enlarge.

György married Anna Schleicher, born the 1st of July 1872, being her parentes Antal Schleicher and Theresia Hoer

They had 8 children:

** Bálint Kretz (18th of February 1894 - 1979)

Noll Kretzfamily.jpg Noll Kretz family, click to enlarge.

Bálint is sitting at left, with his uncle, aunt and cousins Noll-Krtetz

Kretz Whaler descendants.jpg Kretz Whaler descendants, click to enlarge.

Bálint was born in Máraza, the 18th of february 1898. The 15th of January 1919, he married Maria Whaler, born 3rd of February 1896.

They had 2 sons and an extended family.

Their elder son, Ede, was born in Máraza, the 1st of November 1919 and passed away in 1989

Kretz Bálint and Maria.jpg Kretz Bálint and Maria, click to enlarge.

Ópapa és Ómama - photo sent by Balint's and Maria's granddaugther

Note: I have to thank "Peter" for being the link between one of the Kretz descendants and I as the language barrier made it difficult to understand each-other

** Paula Kretz (5th of January 1904 - 3rd of December 1973)

Morschhauser Kretz descendants.jpg Morschhauser Kretz descendants, click to enlarge.

Paula was born in Máraza, the 5th of January 1904 .

She married György Morschhauser, also born in Máraza, the 22nd of July 1899.

They had 4 children:

Note: I have to thank Cousin Dëszo for sending me the data about his branch

* Petrus Kretz Schaffer - (18th of January 1874 - ??? )

Kretz Bayer descendants.jpg Kretz Bayer descendants, click to enlarge.

Petrus was born the 18th of January 1874. The 23rd of June, he married in Máraza to Anna Bayer.

Anna was born the 10th of January 1876. In Máraza there is a monument to remember those fallen in the war, an Anna Bayer is mentioned.

I was able to find out 11 Kretz Bayer siblings

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I will also appreciatte if anybody knows who was Vilnos Kretz (there is a tombstone under his name in Maráza Cemetery) and who wasJános Kretz (his name is in the WW1 monument in Maráza-1895)

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