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Frenopoulo - Tsolakis genealogical tree Frenopoulo - Tsolakis genealogical tree, click to enlarge.


The Frenopoulo's


Nonno Rocco and Nona Anneta Nono Rocco and Nona Anneta, click to enlarge.
Izmir Volos map Izmir Volos map, click to enlarge.


Nonno Antonio Rocco was born in Smyrna,Turkey, the 13th of August 1872 and passed away the 1st of November 1956 in Egypt.

He was an only child and his parents were merchands.


As the Ottoman Empire collapsed, the period 1894-1923 saw the extermination or expulsion of most of Turkey's ancient Christian populations. When, why, and with who, Nonno Antonio left Turkey and migrate to Egypt is not known.

Nonna Anneta was born in Naples, Italy. She told the family that she was a company lady of a Japanese Princess and in a trip to Egypt, she met Antonio.

They married the 26th of April 1906.

They had 4 children: Attilio, Polycarpe, Alberto and Ekatherina


Egypt 1912 Egypt circa 1912 - Back: Anneta with Alberto. Front row: unknown ladies and Poly (with lira) and Attilio
02 sitio nona anneta ketty and.jpg Nona Anneta Ketty and ....jpg


Attilio migrated to Italy.

Polycarpe and Alberto migrated to Australia.

Attilio migrated to Italy.

Ekatherina migrated to Greece.


Frenopoulo siblings.jpg Frenopoulo siblings genealogical tree, click to enlarge.


First child - Attilio

Frenopoulo - Balasso genealogical tree Frenopoulo - Balasso genealogical tree, click to enlarge.
04 sitio attilio and lucia.jpg


The eldest of the four siblings, Attilio was born in 1905 and passed away in Lebanon, in a car accident, the 9th of April 1980. He married Lucia Giusseppina Graziano-Balasso (Zia Titina) born the 15th of October 1906 and passed away the 8th of January 2004.


Second child Polycarpe (Poly)


05 sitio poly and zenovia wedding.jpg Poly and Zenovia wedding
05 sitio poly and zenovia.jpg Poly and Zenovia


05 sitio zenovia on kemendes.jpg Kemendes September 1934
05 sitio sanafen map.jpg Sanafen


Poly was born in Alexandria, Egypt the 20th of September 1908 and passed away in Sydney, Australia, the 9th of April 1980.

Zenovia was born in Sanafen, Egypt, the 12th of June 1912 and passed away in Syney, Australia, the 19th of April 2011.

Poly and his wife-to-be were neighbourghs living in the same building.

They married in 1937 at St.Catherine's Catholic Church, Alexandria, Egypt and had two children; Roberto and a girl.

Poly worked with the "Martini and Rossi company"

The girl migrated to Australia in September 1965 on the Marconi ship.

Poly and Zenovia moved to Sydney in March 1967 on the Galileo Galiai ship.

Roberto remembers that when he went to visit his grandparents in Sanafen, they had a donkey called Kemendes and goats (katzikes)



Roberto Roberto
St.Marc St.Marc


Comment: Photo taken at the Saint Marc College. Chris travelled with his father to Egypt and had the opportunity to visit the college.And because of those things in life, when I travelled to Canada in 1969, it was Arto Kabassakalian (included in the photo) and his wife, residents of Montreeal at that time, who received me at their home and indicated me the first steps in a new country.


The Frenopoulo's were roman catholics and so Roberto went to St.Gabriel primary school, then to St.Marc Secondary School and then to the Lycee Francais were he study economics.

Roberto was granted a scolarship for a master in Amberes, Belgium, but he had to decline because his family could not afford the extras expenses. So, off he went to work at the Alexandria Commercial (Cotton company).

When he was the assistant manager of the company, after a long illness of the manager, he was suppose to wear his shoes, but ... due to the new policies of the social government (Nasser), he was asked to train a muslim for the job and step aside, because Roberto was catholic.

He decided to migrate.

He left the country by plane, october 1964 and arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay

On september 1965 he went as a chaperone to a party and there he met Shirley.

They were married the 14th of January 1967.


Third child - Alberto

frenopoulo laferna.jpg Frenopoulo Laferna, click to enlarge.


06 frenopoulo alberto.jpg Frenopoulo Alberto.jpg
06 alberto and silvia.jpg Alberto and Silvia.jpg


Alberto was born in 1012 and passed away the 12th of October 1988.He married Sylvia Madelina Laferla, born in Alexandria. She passed away the 4th of February,1975. They are buried in Sydney, Australia. Their two married children and their descendants are living in Australia.


Fourth child - Ekaterina (Tia Ketty)


aspreas frenopoulo.jpg Aspreas Frenopoulo, click to enlarge.


06 frenopoulo ketty.jpg Frenopoulo Ketty.jpg


Ekatherina (Tia Ketty) was born in Alexandria, and migrated to Greece.She married to Alessandro (Sandro) Asprea, born in Alexandria too. They had two children. The eldest, Spyridion (Spyro) Aspreas, born in Alexandria,passed away. I had the pleasure of meeting that nice lady when she comes to visit her "Roby Bello". She came from Greece to Buenos Aires; Roberto's mother Zenovia came from Australia to Buenos Aires and my sister and brother in law went to pick them up there by car. They spent three months with us in Uruguay.


The Tsolakis


The family originated from Volos, Greece. They inmigrated to Sanafen, Egypt in the early 1900's The majority of the family emigrated to Sydney, Australia


volos greece.jpg Volos Greece.jpg, click to enlarge.


Stergios Tsolakis was born in Volos (Zaghora), Greece and married Zenovia in Greece.

They had 4 children:


Tsolakis genealogical tree Tsolakis genealogical tree, click to enlarge.

Roberto remembers that when he went to visit his grands in Sanafen, they had a donkey called Kermendes and goats (katzikes).


To be continued

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